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Heal Something Good Leah PetersonMy new book, Heal Something Good, is out! This book is part Self-Help, part Textbook, part Cheerleader and part Workbook. It’s packed full of everything I’ve learned, including Grain-Free Recipes! More details about the book here. | Buy the book on Lulu or Amazon.

Wellness Retreats

HSG Wellness RetreatA Wellness Retreat is a small-ish, intimate, nurturing and healing 2.5-day event. They typically start on a Wednesday night for Welcome Dinner and end with a Goodbye Breakfast on Saturday. Find one in your area or become a Co-Host and attend one for free!


Mentoring Working with me can be fun, challenging and rewarding. Educational and inspiring. Nurturing and healing. It’s all up to you! Together we’ll craft your session to be the most of whatever you want and need it to be. Pick a 60 or 90 minute session or VIP package. We can meet in person or via Skype.
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Leah PetersonMy name is Leah Peterson. I tell stories – yours, mine, and everyone’s. I’m a passionate advocate for good mental health and founded | I’ve improved my physical & mental health and you can, too. | Here is a list of some of my favorite and most-read posts over the past ten years. | Here’s why I love Essential Oils. | Don’t miss the Featured Storytellers. | Sometimes I make a magazine, LP Creative Humans Magazine, and design jewelry at Dandygoods. | Sometimes I make podcasts and vlogs. | Here are some links to get you started: Health & Wellness | Mental Health | Ask Leahpeah Series | Interviews

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doTERRA Grapefruit Essential Oil Here’s why Grapefruit is awesome:
Properties: Antidepressant, Antiseptic, Diuretic, Disinfectant
Wellness Uses: Cold & Flu Season, Disinfect Living Areas
Common Health Concerns: Acne, Cold and Flu, Constipation, Depression, Skin Conditions, Weight Loss

Grapefruit is a flavorful and refreshing oil that aids the immune system, lymphatic system, and is very powerful as an antidepressant. It will also freshen breath, heal inflamed gums. Because it is a strong disinfectant, it is very effective as a cleaning spray or as fruit and vegetable wash. Some have used Grapefruit for a scalp treatment others have had success using it in a weight loss program. It is good treating the symptoms of colds and flu. Finally, Grapefruit is used for skin treatment, especially for treating aging or loose skin.

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doTERRA Balance Essential Oil Blend Here’s why Balance is awesome:
Blend Ingredients: Blue Tansy, Frankincense, Rosewood, Spruce
This Blend Addresses: Anxiety, Attention Deficit, Hyperactivity, Nervousness
Balance blend contains oils that are geared toward the central nervous system and other body systems.

If there are times when you feel confused, doubtful, unsettled, or in need of a sense of well-being, a balancing blend may be an excellent option. Can work for children who deal with ADD, ADHD, autism or bi-polar conditions, use a balancing blend to calm and balance moods. For those who suffer mood swings, anxiety, temper problems or doldrums, a balancing blend may help calm and balance their emotions. Use during times of anxiety for children, consider a massage application to their feet, neck, shoulders or back.

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