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I don’t know when it happened (my bet is gradually) but last week I counted over 30 newsletters in my inbox. 30. 30+ newsletters that I never read and usually delete immediately. More than half I never signed up for and have no idea how I got on their list. Of the half I did sign up for, most of those were some option when I signed up for a website like and I didn’t realize I was going to get 12 of them a week. And I never read them. I delete them as they come in.

This past week I’ve been systematically unsubscribing from them all and I’d just like to say that kudos go to the companies that allow a one step unsubscribe. You click the link, you’re out. The next best are the two click unsubscribe. You click the link, they ask you if you’re sure or to input your email, then you’re out. But BOO and BAH to the companies that make you log in to your account and search for a tiny button somewhere that says ‘newsletters’ or ‘preferences’ that is hidden on the page or 5 clicks into the site. Don’t make me hate you while I try to get off your mailing list. That is when you become SPAM to me instead of just mostly a waste of my time. Bah to you and I won’t be coming back. And the worst? Making me CREATE an account to change the newsletter preferences. That makes me want to report you to someone and pour sand in your sheets.

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