Movie of the Week

I took Alex to see The Lake House. She liked it. I was a little bored since this was the second time I’d seen it. Although, that didn’t stop me from crying a little but that probably had more to do with my hormones and less to do with Keanu’s touching moment. The movie is pretty predictable and I knew what was going to happen about 5 steps ahead of the action* the entire movie. I’m not really surprised.

The first time I saw it, I went with Joe. It was Friday night. And you know what that means. Alas, I forgot for a second that every single freakin teenager within a 20-mile radius would be at the theater just because it’s Friday night. But even when I saw them all milling around outside, gathering in herds and carrying out their mating dances, I just didn’t think they would be in MY movie. I figured they go see The Omen or Tokyo Drifting Crap or something else that didn’t have some slow parts in the middle. So, imagine my surprise when we walked in midway though the previews to see the entire place packed. Except for two seats in the very front row on the very right side.

As we sat down in the sea of young females, we exchanged looks and made a pact with secret codes so that in case of emergency, if he made the correct hand signal and eyebrow lifting sequence, I would know to drag him out and contact life support.

About 10 minutes in, I could feel my neck starting to kink. The view from the front row is VERY LARGE. The view from the front and very most right seats is VERY LARGE and VERY SLANTED and VERY TO YOUR LEFT. I slouched down in my seat to give my neck a rest, which worked pretty well as long as I didn’t move because the girl behind me put her feet up on the back of the seat and her black flip-flops caught my hair. When I moved my head upwards, I lost at least a one-inch area of hair. And that happened three times, even when I turned around slightly to give her my ‘GET YOUR FEET OFF THE SEAT’ face, which anyone knows, I totally mean.

And then she started sneezing. And sniffing. And I no longer cared what was happening on the screen that I couldn’t really see that well anyway. Remember that kid in 4th grade that sat across from you in the quad-desk setup? That kid that hadn’t learned how to blow their nose yet so they sniffed sniffed sniffed SNIFFED sniffed all through class? Yes. That kid. And it was she, behind my seat. And lo, I was so far passed getting pissed that I laughed.

Joe nudged my arm and showed me that in his right hand he was holding napkins and he kind of motioned like he was going to give them to her. And I nodded my head vigorously in support. He turned slightly around, thrust the napkins her way and asked, ‘Need these?’ because going herself to get napkins or asking her friends that were sitting RIGHT NEXT TO HER with some in their laps just didn’t occur to her. The girl said, ‘Thanks!’ very enthusiastically, which made me think that maybe she was just a little slow and it actually hadn’t occurred to her that her nose was dripping down her shirt and I should quit being so mean. And then all the girls giggled. And whispered.

I think we totally ruined her weekend. She was probably planning on sleeping over at her friends house and her friend was all, ‘You can’t come over now because the two old people in front of you gave you napkins! You are such a tool!’ or something that I can’t fathom because I think we all know that I really don’t know the lingo…..

An aside here: does anyone else think that Sandra Bullock is looking more and more like the long lost daughter of Joan Rivers? Did she do something to her nose?

*I use the term ‘action’ in the most general sense of the word where it means that something, anything is happening, like breathing or talking or tying shoelaces.

Watching The Hours

Joe says, while we cuddle in bed and watch depressing movies like The Hours:

‘That woman needs a good cookie. In fact, all those women need chocolate chip cookies, great sex and a cat to sit on their arm.”

Is there any doubt why I’m with this man?

Open Letter

Dear sweet, sweet girls in theater 12,

Let’s get together real soon and plan a way (perhaps an online calendar of some sort) that will ensure, for all time, hence forth, that you both and I will never, and I mean ever, be in the same theater seeing the same movie at the same time again. Ever.

You, my nubile adolescent estrogen packages, are what my mom used to call ‘publicly inappropriate.’ “Don’t be publicly inappropriate like those girls over there.” my mom would whisper loudly to me. “See how everyone is looking at them? That man actually rolled his eyes! Those girls think they are being cute but actually, everyone wishes they would leave.” And she was right. I really, REALLY wished you would leave. Continue reading

God, Therapy and Acne

We watched Agnes of God and How to Get Ahead in Advertising during the same day. Ahead gets 6.6/10ths stars while Agnes gets 6.3/10ths. Not a huge difference except I would have made it about 3 stars worth. That is not to say that I didn’t enjoy Agnes because I did. I love Meg Tilly. I love her when she’s airheady and wacky and I loved her serious and troubled. But I didn’t love the therapy/psychiatrist character played by Jane Fonda. Sure, she tugged at my heartstrings all the way through the blood spontaneously spurting out of Meg/Agnes’ palms but it was such an unrealistic portrayal of how real therapy works. Especially the hypnotherapy scene. The fact that it’s an almost 20 year old movie is the only reason I give it any merit at all.

However, Ahead, written and directed by Bruce Robinson (In Dreams , Killing Fields), is so clever and funny and stupid–just like real life–that I was drawn in immediately. Richard E. Grant (Henry and June, The Portrait of a Lady, and best of all, the British series The Scarlet Pimpernel) as Denis Dimbleby Bagley is brilliant. The ending was a little hollow when he gets all speachy but it’s great that the wrong ‘head’ lives on instead of a nice and easy pat ending. And the therapy scene was much more true to reality. How do you beat a story about a giant talking zit?


Jake Tyson filmed me last Saturday for a documentary he’s doing about San Diego artists. It was my first time on film since I was 8 years old and my older sister shot a short film of me and my siblings at the log cabin. (you know those Mormons….) I was nervous but Jake made me feel at ease and I ended up having a good time.

I took in two new paintings to Mixture. Here are some close-ups:


I’m also working on a piece for a charity benefit coming up in August. The Healthy Within Foundation. 100% of the proceeds from the art auction and sale will go towards assisting the organization�s educational programs about Eating Disorders. Friday August 13th, from 6:30 p.m. � 9:30 p.m. at The Expressive Arts Institute, 3817 Ray Street, in North Park. The show will also be open Saturday, August 14 for the Ray at Night venue 6:30PM to 9:30 PM. There is a silent auction and raffle. Hope you can come.

The Passion

I was upset that my ex-husband took my kids to see The Passion movie. I haven’t seen it but heard enough about the blood and gore to know it might be more than I wanted some of them to see.

On the phone last night my 11-year-old said to me:

“Mom, if you truly grasp the meaning and fully understand the message behind the movie then it makes sense and it doesn’t give you nightmares.”


Masked and Anonymous Review

I went to see Masked and Anonymous.
The Movie.
Starring Bob Dylan.

No, wait. It gets better.

The movie also stars Jeff Bridges, Pen�lope Cruz, John Goodman, Jessica Lange and Luke Wilson.
There are about a thousand cameos during the film including Angela Bassett, Bruce Dern, Ed Harris (a charming song and dance man who reminds him of his youth and a vanished past), Val Kilmer (a philosophical Animal Wrangler), Cheech Marin, Chris Penn, Giovanni Ribisi, Mickey Rourke and Christian Slater (who was absolutely the best part of the movie).

Now I know what you’re saying. How can any movie with that many cameos not be wonderful?


If you don’t want to invest the money or time in this movie (and I strongly suggest you don’t), just imagine Bob Dylan acting the same way he sings: brilliantly underwhelming. It works for his music. Not for the cinema. Some scenes were almost painful to watch.

In one scene, Jeff Bridges’ character keeps questioning Jack Fate (Bob Dylan) about his past. He keeps edging into Jack’s personal space, getting closer and closer. His questions get more pointed and the music escalates to a point where you know confrontation is about to take place. Suddenly, Jack gives Mr. Bridges a little push on the chest as if to say, ‘Hey, would you please move out of my way? Don’t make me yell for my dad.’ I laughed out loud.

Yes, the movie was quite something.

Well, with this as the tag, what can you expect?

Set somewhere, sometime, in an America wracked by an endless and senseless civil war, MASKED AND ANONYMOUS is the story of a benefit concert and a musician named Jack Fate (Bob Dylan).

In other news:

I love my job at GTI.

Someone stole my kids’ dog, Marky. That stinks and the kids are really upset. I don’t understand that kind of thing. What kind of person does that?

The Utah trip is this weekend.

Still moving soon.

Devon graduated from middle school. Photos are here.

quic recap for the kids:
i’m SO SO SO sorry to hear about marky. i’m keeping my fingers crossed that you get him back. the photos are linked above to your graduation, dev.
see you all soon!
much MUCH love,

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