I’ve been known to go into Major Action Mode and plan, plan, plan and do, do, do and obsess, obsess, obsess my time away. Which is fine sometimes. My mind likes to be busy, as do my hands. Once I get something in my head and work on it for a few days/months, and get all set on How It’s Going To Be, I can have a really hard time recalculating and changing plans if the need arises.

We planned to travel the USA and meet lots of people and write a book and live out of our car with practically nothing to our name. We sold almost all our stuff. We gave notice on our home. We set up interviews and found sponsors and had a blast figuring out where we might go and the best way to get there. And then, our plans changed. And miracle or miracles, it was no big thing.

There have been a few times in my life when this has happened – I’ve ended up somewhere or with someone and I just know that is where I’m supposed to be. I get that feeling in my gut that says – ya, man. Right here. We got to Virginia and that is how I feel.

Of course, I’m a little disappointed that we won’t be driving across the country and meeting all of you, taking photos and creating a book, but it feels like that might still be coming. Sometime later. And even if it never does, I’m ok with that, too.

I find myself going inward a little. I’m not blogging as much or taking as many photos. I’m hardly on Twitter or Facebook. I’m not joining or participating in networking events. I feel quiet inside and I don’t really want to share my entire life with everyone. I don’t want to document every little thing that we do or where we go or what we looked like. These are all new feelings for me and it’s taken me a few weeks to reconcile that with the person I’ve been for the past 8 years. I’ve been a little confused by the whole thing.

I felt a little guilty that I feel this new way. After all, for the past 8 years I’ve talked about pretty much everything and shared so much with all of you. And I’ve loved it and sometimes, it’s the only thing that kept me going through major depressions and hard times. Sharing here and other places on the web has been such an important thing for my life.

No, I’m not making some grand announcement that I won’t be blogging ever again and I’m moving into a cave where I’ll become a recluse and live off squirrels and insects. (Good protein.) I’m just saying that my habits and feelings are changing and I don’t know what that means yet.

Thank you, friends, for coming here and caring what I say. Thank you for your emails and comments and love and support over the years. I feel like I know so many of you and I have no idea what I would have done without you during the hard times. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And if I suddenly find something I want to write about here in a consistent fashion, you’ll be the first to know.

p.s. You can still email me if you want to. I’m not a hermit, for land’s sake.

p.p.s. Happy New Year! I wish you all the best for your new year.

Sick Dogs

Internet – we are sick. Sick, sick doggies. Joe is horking up things from his chest that no one, NO ONE should hear or see. Poor puppy, it’s not his fault. But, still! Stop horking! I seem to be a couple of days behind him, so I guess I better be nice so when I have disgusting matter oozing out my orifices he’ll be nice to me. Wow, that got gross fast. I’ll see you in a minute when you come back from honoring the porcelain king.

There I go. Talking about puke. Still gross. Like being twelve years old and just learning what 69 means. I can’t stop talking about it. I better go to bed, now, and hope that tomorrow is mucus-free.



Ohmygodyouguys! Our house is a DISASTER area. We’ve gutted every room and strewn the entrails around all the floors. It’s become an obstacle course. We’ve learned new dance steps to get from room to room.

Things I’ve Learned About Stuff

1. When I can’t find something, I go out and buy another one. This results in about 20 tubes of white acrylic paint, triple versions of every watercolor pencil and five staplers.

2. If you have boxes in the garage that you have moved four times and never opened, you probably don’t need that stuff.

3. 34 EXTRA pairs of shoes is too many. If ALL your shoes but one pair hurt your feet after 5 minutes, you might want to just have one pair of shoes.

4. If the kids say they don’t want anything saved from their room, they don’t want anything from their room. Unless they do. Then, save that stuff. Or don’t and feel like a heel.

Internet! Only SIX DAYS until we shove off!

Take care, my friends. When the new Reboot site is ready, I hope you’ll come along with us as we travel.


Eco-Friendly Driving

I’m collecting ideas on how to be eco-conscious while driving around the country. Our van is not a small, fuel efficient vehicle and if we had the means to do it, we’d probably trade it in. Although, the van affords us space to sleep if we want/need to for a few nights here and there.

Besides trying to conserve gas by not speeding and not running the AC (easy since it’s winter right now), getting out to eat instead of idling at the drive-thru, recycling all our trash and using our own containers for water and coffee when we stop – what are we missing?

Other things we’re trying to do – not buy any consumer plastic crap goods, only buy things for give-aways that are handmade by local vendors, take fast showers and wear everything twice to save on laundry washing impact.

Please leave your ideas in the comments. We’d like to do everything we can to offset our impact on the environment.

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Stimulating Conversation and Some Photos

Joe – I’m turning it off.

Leah – I guess we’ll never know what a Pelican Brief is now.

Joe – I guess not.

Leah – It could be a whole bunch of pelicans, like a whole passel of them.

Joe – And they are wearing briefs.

Leah – And then they fly into the Senate building and tell all the senators that if they don’t dance RIGHT NOW they are going to take off their briefs!! So, the senators all start doing this jig…….

Joe – …..

Leah – It stopped being funny about 30 seconds ago, huh?

And here are some pretty photos from our drive leaving Santa Cruz going to Moorpark.


Plus a sunset photo at Reboot.

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