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(More Than) Two Things

The latest version of LAB Magazine is up! You can view/download it here. Also, for a beautiful hard copy, order from Lulu here. Joseph Robertson is the bomb and does a really nice job putting it together. Also, my interview with Natalie Zee Drieu is in there!

Speaking of Natalie, she’s coming to Blogher this summer to be on my craft panel. Joining us will be Kristin Roach and Kathy Cano Murillo. Are you going to Blogher this year?

We have a mostly permanent home for LA Angst and LA Bloggers Live! (crowd cheering) I know, I know. It is great because they will be held at the Tangier Lounge, which really rocks and has the perfect ambiance for reading to an audience. So join us for our first Live! on Thursday, June 28th, 6:30pm and the next Angst on Wednesday, July 11th at 6:30pm, won’t you?

The Weekend, She Rocked

On Saturday, Joe and I went to Ariel’s reading at the Tangier Lounge. I took some photos. We laughed and laughed. This was the final book reading of her Offbeat Bride tour and we were lucky to be included. It was a packed house and we had front row seats. Ariel does a mean sock puppet like nobody’s business.

The second half of the night was spent with L.A. Daddy and some other fabulous bloggers at the L.A. Blogger Party. I hope we do that again sometime real soon.

Sunday night was the first LA Angst. There were a few hiccups regarding the venue, but a new birth always comes with a few. (We’ll be meeting somewhere new next time.) We had just under 20 people attend and there was much laughing and cheering in our intimate and dark nook of the bar. (Thank god Ariel happened to have a small flashlight.) The vibe was really great and I can see that group getting crazy large at some point when the word gets out about how fun it is to read old journals and reveal your angsty teenhood. Thanks to Ariel and Andreas for being good sports and putting up with my company two nights in a row. Two, people. Two nights. They are practically saints.

And thanks to Joe for being a wonderful partner for the weekend. His sense of direction will always amaze me.

UPDATED: This is the best replay of the evening. I love Kevin Charnas. And I think Joe is ok with that.

2 of 2 New Projects

Remember the 1st one? Well, we already have 16 members, including one that looks like George Clooney, so yes, I think gangbusters applies.

And, here is #2. LA Angst.

Based on Cringe and Salon of Shame, LA Angst wants more than anything to laugh (with you) at your most embarrassing moments. Do you live in the Los Angeles area? Are you coming to visit and want to read? Email me and I’ll sign you up.

LA Angst is a monthly reading series hosted by Leah Peterson in the greater Los Angeles area on the first Thursday of each month. We gather together to read our most embarrassing, humiliating, angst ridden and otherwise absolutely wonderful writing from our youth. Every month, selected readers comb through their middle school and high school writing and pick something that represents how completely impossible it is to grow up without looking back in shame. Join us for some entertaining, therapeutic and hysterical fun!

I’ve noticed that most people feel drawn to either one group or the other. Is it weird that I love both?

1 of 2 New Projects

I decided to start two new projects. Why? Because I’m me. This one is called LA Bloggers Live! and if you live in the Los Angeles area, you can come and listen to your favorite bloggers reading their own words. I know, right? Awesome. And if you are a blogger in the Los Angeles area or visiting the LA area, you are invited to come and read, also!

Sign up at the website.

Update regarding the 2nd project soon.

(ALSO: Craft trading is happening RIGHT NOW!)

Oh Golly, Miss Molly

Alright, friends. It is that time. I’m finally ready, willing and able to put together that writers group we all got excited over a few months back.

Here is what I know so far:


1. want to be the president, vice president, secretary or treasurer of anything.
2. want anyone else to be president, vice president, secretary or treasurer of anything.
3. want to be paid or pay anyone else.
4. want strong or critical critiquing
5. want to feel pressured to perform at each meeting.


1. want to show up on a bi-weekly to monthly regular basis.
2. want to drink coffee/brewskies.
3. want to spend a few hours per meeting with like-minded people.
4. want to have it be a relaxing and fun environment.


1. if I’m the one to set up the meeting place.
2. if I’m the contact person.
3. if we have writings prompts or themes as long as they aren’t mandatory.
4. if you buy me a coffee or brew.
5. if we have an official name of some kind like ‘Writing Creatives’ as long as it’s not stuffy or dumb.

Thoughts and ideas welcome. As soon as people let me know they are interested, we’ll find a location that is central to the most people. If you have any items to add to the lists above, let me know and I’ll update accordingly.

Shout out in the comments or send me an email. Let’s shoot for a first meeting the first part of November….?