High Kick

There is something so enticing about a quiet backyard coffee joint where they have old, framed black-and-white photos hanging right on the fence. Wherein one person is Matrix-style avoiding a high-kick swipe to the the jaw. And in another one, the dude is just being, you know, a Dude.

Grand Marnier in Handblown Glass

The glass turns a milky, cloudy white when it warms up in your hand. I can’t prove that that makes the GrandMa taste more delicious. But you can’t prove that it doesn’t.

OB Pier

This is what people think of when they think of San Diego in March (or February, when this photo was taken). What you can’t see: the cluster of homeless people just to the left that yelled at me when I walked past. One guy had just puked. There was a dog among them. My friend said, “Let’s go by them together. Better to walk by that way.” I hate that what she said is true and I hate that this is a very real part of what San Diego is now. But you can’t see any of that in this…

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Balboa Park Botanical Garden

I don’t know what these tiny pink flowers are. Do you? Would you tell me, please? Are they a tiny variety of Orchid?

San Diego Snow

So, no, we don’t get a lot of snow in San Diego. It happened 44 years ago. Flakes were also reported in 87 and 90. Phew, slow down, weather. What we do get is beautiful petal snow falling from the Dogwood trees. A lot fewer snowballs, though.


My sunnies and my smirk say hello from San Diego.

Episode 3 – Three Way Death Match

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Tortilla Wrestler

Tortilla Wrestler was just hanging around outside in the back of Java Jungle in OB. His little feet had been nibbled by something. I’d like to think by maybe a mouse or rat and that T.W. spends his evening hours after all the human patrons go home fighting rodents in little shiny capes with masks covering their tiny faces with their whiskers poking out. Of course, T.W. from OB always wins.

Flower Light

These are taken with my iPhone with the olloclip attached. The second shot has the wide-angle lens removed so the macro is in use. Pretty much love it.

Hotel St. James in Orange Light

Joe and I were walking around in the Gaslamp under a crazy orange cloud cover and there was the Hotel St. James sign, glowing like ice on fire in fog.

Joe, Last Weekend

Sometimes my weekend date is so dreamy, it’s ridiculous. Joe took me out to shoot photos of the Gaslamp Quarter on Sunday night, but I kept taking photos of him. Here he is hanging out with Jimi and Janice. Here he is kissing my face, which is always encouraged. This is Joe looking especially handsome in Yard House. And this is us being sort of disgustingly meta with me taking a photo of him taking a photo of me taking a photo of him on his phone. Gross. (Yay!)

Joe n Leah, VDay, 2013

This is what we do when we sneak off to the bathroom at a friend’s home. What do you do?

Episode 2 – 3Way Death Match

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I Look Like I Look

Sometimes I think I have a really solid idea of what I look like. On the outside. It’s been days. Weeks. Months. I haven’t really looked at myself hard in the mirror, granted, but I’ve lost a number of pounds and gone down a number of clothing sizes and I’m feeling more than adequate. I’m feeling good. Pretty. More than pretty? Yes, when my husband looks at me a certain way, I feel more than pretty. And I guess I’m looking at myself through his eyes more than my own. Which has severe disadvantages when he’s having an off day.…

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