Working with Me

I’m a Writer, Health & Wellness Mentor, and Reiki Master. I’m glad you’ve found me.

I specialize in working with people like me. If one or more of these sound like you, we might make a great team. Make an appointment with me here.

<3 ~ Probably highly creative in one or more ways.
<3 ~ Wanting to move forward with their lives and grow through this challenge and into the next wonderful chapter of their lives.
<3 ~ Probably emotionally, physically, and/or mentally unique with a combined set of illnesses.
<3 ~ Possibly chronically ill at some point in their past, or experiencing a chronically ill life now, or are moving in that direction against their will.
<3 ~ Maybe Highly Sensitive and in need of a simple yet comprehensive approach to healing.
<3 ~ Possibly the parent of someone that fits in these categories.

I use a diverse set of skills to help you get in tune with your inner strengths including energy work, muscle testing, the mind/body connection, essential oils, lifestyle and food changes, and emotional release work. I have a lot of info online for free if you’d like to do some work on your own.

I live in San Diego, California and meet with clients from their location via the magic of Skype. Make an appointment with me here. Please get in touch here.