A Change in the Wind

Some of you might know that I frequently get emails with questions. I’ve answered a few here and there in my blog and I’ve also answered almost every single one in an individual reply email. I’ve decided that I’m going to answer them all here from now on for the benefit of all mankind. That is unless you expressly ask me not to in the email. Then, of course I won’t. Heaven Forfend….

So, if you have a question, send it on over. If I don’t know the answer and can’t find the answer…I’ll just make one up. And be warned…I won’t correct your spelling.

Today’s Question:

Dear leahpeah,

I’m only 14 and everyone else in my class is 15 already. Well, not everyone, but like almost everyone. Almost everyone my age will have their drivers’s licensess before me!!! So, what would you do if you were me? Do you know how to fake being older?

Simon’s Girlfriend XOXOXOXO
P.S.. i like your one painting with the ocean..!!! It make’s me want to go to the beach!!!!

Dear GF of Simon,

First of all, I’ve noticed that most people your age like to use the !!! button a lot!!! But, here is a tip: less is more.

Second, I don’t think you are really in that bad of a problem. You signed your name Simon’s Girlfriend XOXOXOXO and while I think you might want to take those X’s and O’s and put them away from future use instead of using them up so soon, being Simon’s GF might help you get in at least the passenger’s seat sooner rather than later. Just make sure his hands stay on the driving wheel….

Here’s hoping that Simon is a little bit older than you and smart enough to get you home by dark,