Various Updates

Of which my blog is one.

I love how I was so insane that I couldn’t even add the S on the end of ‘seconds’ to this post title. What a tool I am.

Here is what the sunset looked like last night through my sunglasses. Tony took it. I like it a lot. I guess the song is real.

This is one of my favorite moments from the weekend:


I haven’t gone through the reunion photos yet.

So many video interviews posted while I was away!

Video of Catherine Connors from Her Bad Mother
Video of Eden from Fussy
Video of Melissa Summers from Suburban Bliss
Video of Leah from A Girl and a Boy
Video of Angela from Fluid Pudding

UPDATED: JenB from JenandTonic

You should go watch them because they represent a large chunk of time from last year’s Blogher and also because these women are great!!

And now I have to go shower because I hear tell that cleanliness is something that the people around you appreciate. Whatever.

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  1. I can’t tell you how many pictures I DON’T take because the shot is so much less impressive once I take off my polarized lenses. I need to buy a tiny pair of sunglasses for my Canon.

  2. I saw this picture on my Bloglines (yes, I am still using Bloglines) and said to myself “That little girl looks like Leta.” And hey, it is!


    Now I am going to have to come back and watch the videos when I have more time.

  3. I love, love, love the interviews. Thanks for doing/posting them. It is great to match words with faces. This blogging world is so odd- I know more about virtual friends I’ve never met than some of my flesh & blood friends.

  4. These interviews are fabulous. Having corresponded with some of these women and being a fan of their websites, it’s almost unreal to see and hear them.

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