Misc. II

I’ve deleted and rewritten this post about 5 times now. I’m not happy with anything I have to say so I’d rather say nothing at all and yet I know how much writing helps me process things. I’m stuck. I feel a no-segue post coming on.

I came downstairs this morning and the kitchen was clean. Joe did it before he went to work and I was simultaneously ashamed and grateful.

I’ve received three books in the mail that have come with no notes of any kind. Anyone out there want to claim being the sender?

The kids were here this past weekend. At one point we had lunch at a local joint and it was easy, comfortable and fun. I liked that a lot.

I’ve been working on the video interviews that I took about a year ago. I need something more robust than Windows Movie Maker but not something so full-force that I can’t find my way around.

I have a meeting on Thursday that I’m very excited about. I haven’t felt so positive about anything in a really long time. Keep your fingers crossed for me, would you?

I’ve had the hiccups three times today. I can’t tell you the last time I had them. It’s been years. So I’d like to ask, why today, hiccups? And why three?

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  1. I understand Adobe Premiere is not too expensive, and a bit better than Windows Movie Maker. We bought it at work, our shipping guy/ amateur filmmaker says its good.

  2. I don’t know about things happening in threes, but I’ve been getting hiccups a lot lately, too. About a year ago, there was a guest on the Today show who had hiccups for three week straight. (Another three.) Every time I get them I think, “geez, what if they don’t stop?” I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

  3. Good Morning Leah.

    I’ve been taking care of puking children for two days.
    My washing machine broke (frozen pipes) F@#$cking Michigan cold.
    My partner was out of town.


    I smiled when I saw that you posted randomness. It makes me feel accompanied in my tizzy, that I am not the only person stuck in randomness today.

    I hope for GOLDen RAYS of LOvely Goodness to shine on you for Thursday. Yeah I am that Powerful.

    KIMBLAHG: HOOCH is a frecking funny word that made me smile too. Thanks stranger


  4. I hate hiccups and I swear I have the cure…at least for me. I read this online somewhere…push your tongue against the back of your top teeth. It must reposition your throat or something, because I swear they stop.

    I used to hold my breath as long as I could and all I got was a headache!

  5. When I get the hiccups I grab my daughter’s head and breathe in real deep the smell from the very tippy top of her scalp. Works every time. Uh huh.
    I was actually shared this sage wisdom from a Russian. In Moscow. Vodka was involved. I’m not at liberty to share any more than that at this time.
    Warm positive thoughts your way for the meeting today!

  6. I didn’t send you any books, but if you get a snow globe in the mail…………. I was thinking of creating a hypothalamus snow globe. What do you think? Or maybe hippocampus….. I hear thats the part of the brain that helps get rid of hiccups.

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